Badak Encoder
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If any problem occurs,
1. Check out whether your version is the newest or not, or install the newest version unconditionally.
2. Check out the following points after executing ¡°Initialization¡± in the system environment setting.
 The program is stuck in the middle of encoding.
This is the case that the file has a problem. This can be happened often when a file is damaged in the middle.
 Sound is too small.
 The file size of the encoded video is too large.
 The encoded video quality is too poor.
 What is 2PASS encoding?
 When the program stops in the middle of encoding, the file encoded incompletely cannot be played, or it takes too long to check out the encoding result.
 The displaying picture and the sound is not synchronized when the encoded video is played.
 Does it cause a problem when you are attempting other task during encoding?
 What is the difference between OpenDivx and XVID?
 The displaying screen and sound does not synchronize a little bit.
 Only one sound is encoded when there are several sounds (2 audio) in the original video. How can I encode a different sound?
 The subtitles does not synchronize with the sound.
 How do I change the subtitle font?