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Badak Encoder Agreement
Terms of Use
Please read carefully this ¡°Badak Encoder Software¡± (hereafter ¡°Software¡±) before installation and use.

The ¡°Terms of Use¡± of Badak Encoder Software (hereafter ¡°this Agreement¡±) for the end user is a legal agreement concluded between E-Biz Networks Co. (hereafter ¡°Company¡±) and the user concerning to the Software.

The Software includes the online services using by the wired/wireless network and any software products contained in the services, and any or all combination of the products¡¯ alpha, beta-test release, free or paid version, and sponsored programs for the additional installation.

When you check the ¡°Agree on the Terms of Use¡±, or use the Software by installing, copying or other manners, the user will be considered to agree to this Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these terms, press ¡°Cancel¡± button or do not use this Software.

The use of this software means that you have read, understood, and agreed to this Agreement.

Article 1 (Statement for Agreement)
¨ç This Agreement will be noticed publicly during the process of installation and use of the Software, and shall come into effect by the user¡¯s agreement.

¨è If the Company deems necessary, this Agreement may be revised. The revised Agreement with the effective date and reasons for revision, shall be noticed to the public on relevant screen with the current provisions seven (7) days prior to the effective date until the day before the date.

¨é The user has the right to reject the revised Agreement. The user may express his/her refusal within fifteen (15) days after the public notice. If the user rejects the revised, the Company may terminate the Agreement with such user. If the user does not express his/her intent to reject within fifteen (15) days after the revised Agreement announced to the public, it shall be considered as the consent.

Article 2 (Responsibilities of Company)
¨ç The company shall grant the user with the license for installation and use of the Software for free of charge.

¨è When the arrangements and software are have a problem or lost, the company shall repair or restore without any delay unless unavoidable circumstances in order to provide the continuous and stable service.

¨é When the Company acknowledges the comments and complaints from the users as objectively reasonable, those shall be taken care of immediately through appropriate procedure. Provided it is difficult to deal with them immediately, the Company shall notice the reasons and process schedule to the users through the public notice or post on the homepage bulletin.

¨ê When the Software is updated, the Company shall provide the updated version immediately to the users. However, the users may not utilize some features of the Software provided already depending on the update conditions.

¨ë The Company shall construct the security system for the protection of personal information, and notice the privacy policy to the public and conform to it.

Article 3 (Responsibilities of Users)
¨ç The users may not adapt, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble this Software.

¨è The user may not lease or sell the Software for commercial purposes, and provide any commercial services by using the Software.

¨é The user shall not infringe the intellectual property of others by using this Software.

¨ê The user shall comply with this Agreement and the relevant laws, and shall not conduct any action and illegal acts to interfere the Company¡¯s business.

¨ë The Company will not be responsible for any results caused by users¡¯ acts of the above.

Article 4 (Software Copyright)
¨ç This Software, the right for related documentations, property rights, and the intellectual property rights are reserved by the Company.

¨è This Software, the source technology, and its related documentations are protected by the international copyright treaties.

¨é The users are receiving only the permission of use, but not retaining the Software.

Article 5 (Function of Automatic Communication)
¨ç The Software has the ability to run a communication through the internet as a part of normal operation for service works.

¨è As running the Software, the user verification process will be passed through the internet. At this time, the user becomes to send the authentication information and the information for the installed software to a server, and the server sends the license information retained by the user.

¨é As running the Software, it checks whether there is the newest version by communicating automatically with the update server for the bug fixes and software patches. Then it determines whether an update is possible by the automatic updates sending the information for the software products and components installed to the server. The user can choose whether the upgrade is conducted or not at the time. However, if the major changes for service contents and the software occur, the user may have to upgrade the software and services in order to use them.

Article 6 (Limited Liability of Company)
¨ç The company shall not guarantee the authenticity or the copyright compliance for the data or information provided through the Software, except the Company itself produces and offers them.

¨è The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred to the user by the installation, use, or unusable of the Software, except the losses or damages are caused by the Company¡¯s willful or gross negligence.

¨é The Company shall not be responsible for the user¡¯s expected or lost revenue by using the Software.

¨ê The Company shall not have any obligation to intervene the mutual disputes between two users or a user and the 3rd party by services as the medium, and not be responsible for any losses or damages caused by the disputes.

Article 7 (Termination of Agreement and Damages)
¨ç In the event the user does not comply with Terms of Use, the Company may terminate an Agreement for the Software license. In this case, the user must delete a copy of the Software and its components.

¨è The user may terminate this Agreement anytime by deleting the Software.

¨é In the case of clause ¨ç and the user causes any losses or damages to the Company, the Company may claim damages. Furthermore, the costs and fines to pay due to improper use of the user after the termination of Agreement, shall be valid even after the termination of this license Agreement.

Article 8 (Other Regulations)
Any other matters not specified on this Terms of Use shall observe the related laws and regulations.

Article 9 (Dispute Resolution)
When the lawsuit is filed for the dispute arising from use of this Software, the first consultation jurisdiction shall be a court of competent jurisdiction over the seat of the company¡¯s headquarters.

This Agreement shall take effect in November 28, 2009.
This Agreement shall supersede the previous agreement prior to November 27, 2007.

[Supplementary Provisions]

This Software shall be installed with sponsor programs provided by an affiliated concern.
When you do not want to install the sponsor programs, you may not install by canceling them during installation or update of the software.

As using this Software, you can install it with the following sponsor programs.
AV Clean: Malicious code, Spyware, Virus Free Scan, Vaccine Program
PatchUp: Automatic updating program for Window Security Patch
Privacycop: Safety and Security Solution Program for Personal Information Disclosure
Line Plus: Supplementary Search Solution Program for Internet Search
IEGuide: Supplementary Search Solution Program for Internet Search